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Our Story

Jeremy Buckley is the CEO and founder of Trustworks and a bright guy. He has a PhD in Mathematics on a Fulbright Scholarship, plus a systems developer, serial entrepreneur and business and finance whiz. The idea of Trustworks came from his frustration with managing his own trust. Being an inquisitive type, he asked around about tools to help with trust management. On finding that there wasn’t anything that either involved all parties involved in the trust or was in the cloud, he set about developing one in early 2012. He spoke to friend and accountant Hamish Edwards about his idea.

Hamish had built a successful accounting practice with his father, which became Openside and was eventually acquired by Deloitte in 2011. However, Hamish had left some years earlier to become the co-founder of Xero. Initially, Hamish put Jeremy in touch with his friend, lawyer and co-trustee Andrew Finch, who had been thinking about a similar concept. Once Trustworks was under way, Hamish agreed to become the chairman of Trustworks, bringing his considerable expertise in developing a successful cloud-based product plus accountancy and business expertise.

We suspect Andrew is the only person you’ll ever meet who can talk as expertly about family trusts as they can about gastroenteric salmonellosis in cows or tetraploid perennial ryegrass strains. He was New Zealand’s Young Farmer of The Year in 2000 before deciding his true calling was as a lawyer. As a partner at Hardy-Jones Clark in Blenheim, Andrew manages a significant portfolio of family trusts. He has therefore armed Trustworks with knowledge to create a product that meets the needs of both trust professionals and their clients to improve trust management and compliance.

Nigel Keats created a reputation as one of advertising's good guys. He has been involved in helping to reduce road deaths and injuries through behaviour-change advertising in New Zealand since 1999. He has also shared his expertise in this field in Asia, the Middle East and Africa , including as a contractor to the World Bank. As a member of the Advertising Standards Complaints Board since 2006, he’s helped to keep advertising honest for consumers plus adjudicated on competitive advertising complaints between some of the world's biggest advertisers. After a long career as a manager and shareholder at Clemenger BBDO, he went on to be managing director of associated company OMD in Wellington, before meeting Jeremy Buckley via a mutual involvement in a company. 

Martin Hawes is an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA) and author based in Queenstown. His book Family Trusts - The Must-Have New Zealand Guide has sales of over 120,000 copies. We think that makes Martin uniquely qualified to both advise Trustworks on the needs of other AFAs and their clients, plus help non-professional trustees by outlining their role with plain-English contextual tips within the Trustworks product.

Our People

jeremy 2

Jeremy Buckley

Jeremy Buckley is the CEO and founder of Trustworks (with Andrew Finch). Jeremy has been involved in early-stage businesses for over 10 years and enjoys the challenges faced by start-ups. Jeremy also has a PhD in mathematics, which occasionally comes in useful.


Nigel Keats

Nigel is a director of Trustworks and heads the sales and marketing operations. Contact him if you'd like to find out more about using Trustworks to improve your trust administration.


Andrew Finch

Andrew Finch is a director of Trustworks and is its legal counsel. He is a practising lawyer who manages an extensive portfolio of trusts.

Hmaish Edwards

Hamish Edwards

Hamish Edwards is the chairman of Trustworks. He is an accountant and the co-founder of cloud-based account software company Xero.


Martin Hawes

Martin is an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA), author and seminar presenter based in Queenstown. Martin advises Trustworks on creating a product that both improves trust compliance and meets the needs of AFAs and their clients. He also speaks and writes about the need to improve trust compliance and administration.